GAA students headed for success in the golf business

May 29, 2012

Tim Eberlein, Campus Director of Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, profiles two current students who are headed for big things in the golf industry.

“Not many individuals have the good fortune to take a direct path to a career they love. Golf is a highly competitive industry – and not just within the game. Career hopefuls must have a myriad of golf and business skills in order to succeed in the field.

Ryan Moss, for example, was in commercial and residential real estate sales until the country’s economic downturn in 2009 left him without a job. Gerry Bohl enjoyed a fruitful 27 years in the Air Force before he retired in 2011 and wanted to do something special with the rest of his life. To begin their new careers in golf, both turned to the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix.

They may have taken different paths to the Golf Academy of America (GAA) but they are now just months away from graduation and enjoying a fresh start in the golf industry. Each is already working part-time while finishing school at the longest-running and most successful two-year golf college in the world. Both aspire to become PGA members after graduation.

Moss, a 32-year-old University of Oregon graduate, has prepared for a career as a golf instructor and has already accepted a position in player development at TPC Scottsdale. ‘It may take some time for me to see the dollars I was making in the real estate industry, but it’s not always about the money,’ said Moss.

Bohl, a 48-year-old military veteran of more than 120 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, is headed for a job as an assistant golf professional at Trilogy @ Power Ranch. He’s also excited about bringing newly-learned guest services to his new job, such as club repair and fitting. ‘The education offers everything you could think of,’ says Bohl, who has improved his own golf game and now carries a 5 handicap. ‘Enrolling at GAA was the best thing I could have ever done. After my last deployment, I wanted to retire. It seemed like the only escape in the service was to play golf. It was something I have always loved to do. And when I saw an advertisement for the Golf Academy of America, it was too good to be true.’

For Moss and Bohl, it’s about a second chance at finding a career where they will love to come to work every day.”