Virginia College Staffers Volunteer for United Way's Day of Caring

Sep 30, 2010

September marked the first ever United Way "Day of Caring" for the Charleston campus of Virginia College. Employees teamed up to provide landscaping for Baptist Hill High School in the Charleston area.

The team of volunteers, pictured left to right, are Admissions Associate Crystal Brodie (who spearheaded the project), Communities in Schools representative Katrina Wright, Misty Brady, Ashley McAdams, April Frasier, Jimmy Melton, Brenda Parris-Broderick, Kelsey Poor and Michael Cunningham. Gwendolyn Fleming is not pictured.

Employees and others, such as the Student Veterans Chapter, gave money for the project. With the donations, workers were able to purchase shrubs, plants and perennial flowers to help beautify the high school.

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