Classes Back to Normal After Tornado Hits Virginia College Mobile Campus

Nov 1, 2010

Students returned to classes as normal at Virginia College in Mobile, Alabama, on Tuesday, October 26, only a day after a powerful tornado struck the Mobile Festival Center where the school's classrooms, offices and labs are located. The storm struck in the early morning hours of Monday, well before class time, doing some roof damage and moving around several big HVAC units that weigh almost a half ton each. One of the units ended up in the parking lot in front of the school. The same storm did heavier damage in other sections of Mobile while other storms left a path of destruction through Baldwin County, across Mobile Bay from the city.

Campus President Eric Berrios told WKRG-TV Channel 5 News that no one was injured and there was no structural damage to the building other than the air conditioning units. Parts of the Festival Center were without power for a part of the day on Monday as well.

"We have an emergency plan in place and we would have gone to it in the face of threatening weather," Berrios noted. "Thankfully, though, the tornado came through early in the morning."

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