Ecotech Institute's faculty draws media attention

Jan 24, 2011

Ecotech Institute's program director, Phil Myers, was featured recently in the print and online versions of the Aurora Sentinel.

Myers, who came to Ecotech Institute after teaching at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and at community colleges across the state, says his job has special appeal for two main reasons: the school's unique curriculum and its funding structure.

"It looked like one of the most exciting things that was going to happen in my life," Myers said. "The state system...because of the way it's funded, when people really need education in economic downturns, the budgets are always cut. We're right at a time where we really need to be educating people, especially in fields that are essential to our nation's success and security." Ecotech President Michael Seifert and academic dean Glenn Wilson were also quoted in the article.