ECA energy initiative featured on Technology Alabama website

Jan 26, 2011

Kyle Crider, Manager for Environmental Operations for Education Corporation of America (ECA), figures the new "zero client" computing technology at ECA-owned Ecotech Institute saves the equivalent energy of 62 microwave ovens running 12 hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year. And that's only the energy savings.

Technology Alabama's web publication recently included an article describing how the newly-opened Denver area campus is serving as an incubator site for the innovative approach, which replaces desktop computers with special terminals that reduce heat output, allowing for air conditioning savings.

ECA saved approximately $500 per workstation by utilizing zero-client terminals rather than desktops. "The servers that drive this technology cost a bit more than traditional servers, but the overall savings result in a short payback period," said Crider.

Not to mention the time saved from not having to clean spaghetti sauce out of all those microwave ovens.