Keeping up with Golf Academy of America grads

Feb 4, 2011

In high school, Kiel Alderink's golf coach asked Kiel to help the other players with their swings. He says this planted in him a passion to teach.

After two years of collegiate golf, he enrolled at Golf Academy of America in Orlando. There, he shadowed Brad Turner, Greg Gossett, and other teachers to observe their methods. Then he moved back to Michigan and joined the Game of Your Life Foundation (G.O.L.F.), founded by a long-time PGA Professional Rolla Frisinger.

Making his way up to golf course operations as an Assistant Professional, Alderink taught, managed retail, and operated a club repair business. And, as always, he observed the best golf teachers he could find.
This recently led him to Todd Sones of Coutour Golf who offered Alderink a staff teaching position at Sones' golf school. Alderink still observes other top instructors and reads books on topics like sport psychology and biomechanics--anything he can do to become the best instructor possible.

A 2009 grad from Golf Academy of America in San Diego, Patti Atkins recently appeared in several segments on the Fox Morning Show spotlighting 'Women and Golf' with reporter Heather Ford.

They covered such topics such as why women should play golf, business golf tips, club fitting, couples communicating on the course, and golf fitness. Atkins even gave the TV host a golf lesson!

Patti Atkins is a Certified Golf Coach at GolfTec Golden Triangle in San Diego and the Director of Player Development for Women On Course.