Achievement in the air: Nursing students start clinicals

Mar 16, 2011

Excited students at Virginia College in Jacksonville recently took their next step toward a successful nursing career: clinical rotations.

To mark the occasion, the 16 fourth-semester students in the Associates Degree in Nursing program received gleaming, white uniforms to wear for their new assignments in hospitals and other healthcare settings. This workplace training gives the students hands-on experience using the nursing skills they have learned in class.

According to Program Director Debra Palmieri, the students will serve in nine distinct clinical settings over the next six quarters. By graduation, each student will have a minimum of 750 clinical hours in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and community health settings. They will also learn by working in hospital units such as pediatric, OB, surgery, and psychiatry. Along the way, Palmieri says, the Virginia College students will also get leadership training that RNs need to be in charge of a unit.

Joining the students for the picture are Academic Dean Adam Haas and Campus President Jack Clark.