Updates from Virginia College in Huntsville

Apr 19, 2011

As part of the Read Across America campaign, Virginia College students, staff and faculty in Huntsville recently donated 300 children's books to Pages for Children, Inc. a nonprofit organization that sends books and cards to terminally ill children in local hospitals.

Huntsville Parks and Recreation Director Greg Patterson wasn't the only one impressed with the money raised by PASS IT ON (PIO), a student service organization at Virginia College in Huntsville. The group recently held an auction to support the city's "Everybody Can Play Playground" campaign to make playgrounds safer for all ages and ability levels.

Hearing about the project, the manager of Huntsville's CATO Fashions became interested in how PIO could do such big things with so few people. The retail clothing branch made an unsolicited donation to the PIO so they could continue being true to their motto, "Students Helping Students...People Helping People."

Thanks to Daniel Ware, a current Virginia College Orthopaedic Technology student and six-year employee of Frito Lay, Virginia College in Huntsville has kicked off a recycling campaign for soda bottles and empty snack bags.

With a new recycling process, this waste will be transformed into products such as stereo speakers, lunch boxes, fencing, back packs and more.