Baton Rouge student: Virginia College 'best decision of my life'

Jul 5, 2011

"My name is Anita A. Williams, a student at Virginia College in the Office Administration program. I could not decide what I wanted to do with my life after my children grew up and moved out. I did not have a job or an income, and then I saw an advertisement on TV explaining the classes offered at Virginia College. Still not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I made an appointment with one of the admissions representatives to just look around and see what Virginia College had to offer. I took the tour and ran into the person who would help me make the best decision of my life: my old high school classmate Dina Johnson—Cobb (Program Director for General Education). She gave me all the reasons I needed to attend Virginia College.

Some days it was hard for me to make it back and forth riding the bus. So, one day I asked Dean Donna Collins about providing bus passes for the students to ride the bus, which she thought was a good idea. I got the bus passes and I haven't missed a day.

My next problem was a job. Then one day in December 2010, Dean Collins came around to the class and informed me of a job opportunity as a security officer. I did not hesitate and jumped at the chance. All I wanted was a job to support me while attending school. So I applied and right before Christmas break I received a call from the security company asking me to meet with them for an interview, and they hired me. I started December 16, 2010. For me, that was the best news I could have gotten—along with attending school. Since that time I also have been able to purchase a car.

Attending Virginia College has been a wonderful blessing for me because I have been experiencing great miracles ever since. I am happy that I made the decision to further my education. It is a very, very positive experience for me and I haven't looked back or stopped since.

Once I graduate, it is my plan to open my own business. I want to thank the faculty, staff and especially Dean Collins, Dina Johnson—Cobb, Toi, and all my classmates for continuing to help me with my journey. If it were not for all of these wonderful people I know I would have quit a long time ago."


Anita A. Williams, Office Administration, Class of 2012