Positive admissions process foretells college experience for online student

Aug 1, 2011

Lisa Hardie, an online Virginia College student, recently sent this letter to her admissions associate, Sally Giovinazzo. Sally is based at the Virginia College online division office in Tampa.

Dear Sally,

I spent months researching colleges before choosing Virginia College. I looked at accreditation and course availability. I took the time to speak to several admissions representatives and sent emails to many others. I wanted to see if I would be able to speak to friendly, helpful people or be told to read the college admissions book and get back to them.

Many colleges I emailed told me to read their books for every subject I had questions about. I understand a college student must be able to research and learn in order to succeed. However, I believe a college that won't guide students through the overwhelming process of enrolling won't have instructors interested in helping students complete the degree program. Online learning requires more instruction than traditional education for those of us who have never utilized it.

When I enrolled in the online program at Virginia College, I found warm, helpful and encouraging representatives. I received step-by step guidance and encouragement to take the scary leap I had so often thought of. My theory about the admissions process proved to be correct. My instructors genuinely care about their students and are an inspiration to me. My admissions representative is always there for me and makes me feel like a friend. I truly (almost desperately) want to get a degree. Virginia College is everything and more I hoped for in order to accomplish my goal.


Lisa Hardie