Military Student Center: aiming for high scores

Aug 31, 2011

The Military Student Center (MSC), which serves military students at ECA–owned schools, received this letter recently from a military recruit who participated in its Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAP) tutoring program in Macon. The program, provided free to recruits and active service personnel, is designed to increase test scores for military entry and advancement.

    To whom this may concern:

    My name is Heather Garrett. I just recently attended Virginia College for math tutoring to better my score on the ASVAB. I started these classes with absolute minimal math skills, but on my first day of class a very wise and intelligent man told me that he guaranteed I would understand math before I left his class. I went every day, with the exclusion of one, for a week and a half. During this time I really gave it my all and focused on everything Mr. Bob Nickels had to say. The payoff of both mine and Mr. Bob's efforts turned out to be the biggest success of my life. My very first practice score was a 26, my second practice test score was 45, and my final and actual score was 70! So, needless to say, with a great teacher anything is possible.

    In conclusion to this letter I would like to thank Mr. Bob Nickels and you for taking the time to read my story and request that this man gets the recognition that is deserved.

    Heather Garrett

A group of MSC staff recently aimed for high scores in a "Top Shot" shooting competition at the Shoot Straight Gun Range in Tampa, Fla. Twenty–one shooters competed with five different weapons ranging from hand guns to assault rifles at five distances. The top four shooters were awarded trophies and the recognition as "MSC Top Shots."

First place went to Michael Alexander, Manager of MSC Financial Planning and former Army Ranger. Second place went to Brett Kuehn, Manager of MSC Advisors and former Marine infantryman. Third place went to Jeff Stubbe, MSC Financial Planner and former Air Force security officer. Fourth place went to Juan Garcia, MSC Advisor and former USMC water purification specialist.

The Military Student Center (MSC) serves students on the 25 campuses of ECA–owned career colleges including Virginia College, Golf Academy of America, Ecotech Institute and the online programs of Virginia College.