Birmingham Culinard gives, travels, wins

Nov 22, 2011

The board of Birmingham Originals—including its president, Chef Antony Osborne of Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College—recently donated $10,000 to Children's of Alabama from proceeds of this year's Break 'n Bread event.

Virginia College played an important role in supporting the charity event which featured signature dishes from many local restaurants and entertainment from American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

Culinard, in partnership with Dr. Luis Pineda and UAB, recently hosted the first of several "Cooking with Cancer" demonstrations. Chef Osborne and Dr. Pineda, a Culinard alumnus, used their culinary skills to create Hainanese Chicken and Rice. The chefs say the dish is easy to prepare, cost efficient, and beneficial to a cancer patient's recovery.

Culinard students recently had a valuable learning experience when they toured the DeKalb International Food Market and Halpern's Meat and Fine Seafood warehouse in Atlanta. The meats and seafood products at Halpern's were impressive with over $10 million in perishable stock on hand.

The students visited the meat packing room, production facility and beef ageing room at Halperns, which supplies many of the South's fine dining restaurants and steak houses.

Culinard staffers Kay Collier, Tyessea Mosley and Kera Voorhees recently entered the cake competition at the Moss Rock Festival in nearby Hoover, AL.

The trio's theme was "Plush, Patterned Pillows." Kay Collier won the grand prize for best overall with an Opera Torte (a chocolate hazelnut layer cake) disguised as a chair, three pillows and a mischievous dog.

Tyessea Mosley did a beautiful bed design. Her cake was "French Toast" topped with bacon. Kera Voorhees made a Root Beer Float cake representing the Chinese elements of fire, earth and water.