Stepmother teams with Virginia College to encourage student

Feb 20, 2012

(Our Columbia campus recently received this letter, which has been edited for space.)

Good Afternoon,

My step–daughter, Kianna, and I walked into your campus without an appointment. Within a couple of minutes we were greeted by Neil Williams. He was sincere and we felt very welcome. As we walked toward his cubicle many people greeted us and welcomed us to the campus. Mr. Williams was very knowledgeable of the programs and asked Kianna some probing questions to figure out where she was trying to go. He was very patient as I had a ton of questions. Soon, I had figured out that we were going to work on Kianna's admissions, financial aid, and get her registered…ALL IN ONE DAY! I was quite excited to learn this.

While Kianna took a test, I met Robyn Russell–White. She had many positive comments to say about Virginia College which reassured me that everyone there cares about each student's success.

I left for a few minutes and returned with my two sons, one of whom is special needs. In the Financial Planning department we met Chanell Jackson. It was a lot to cram Kianna, the two boys and myself in the cubicle, but she acted as if it was no big deal. Ms. Jackson was very kind and understanding. I explained our unique family situation and she was very respectful and understanding and willing to help see us through hurtles we were facing.

Last night Kianna attended orientation and came home super–excited and ready to "take on the world." Without giving any details, Kianna has been through a lot in her young lifetime. She has faced many obstacles that could have led her down the wrong path but with her strength, wit, and tenacity she made it to Virginia College's front door and your staff welcomed her with open arms.

As cheesy as this Hallmark story may sound, it is a reality to us. Her mother and grandmother were in tears to know that she is doing positive things and moving toward the direction of Cosmetology that Kianna is so passionate about.

You have a great staff!! I will be sure to speak highly of your programs, location and staff in hopes to send more individuals your way. Thank you AGAIN for a great experience!!

Sarah Parker
Senior Commercial Processor
Auto–Owners Insurance Company
Columbia, South Carolina