Culinard students and grads taste success

Mar 21, 2012

Jacksonville: Chef Amadeus, winner of Food Network "Extreme Chef Mexican Showdown," recently spent time with chefs and students here. Some of the students were featured talking about their journey through culinary school on his Internet talk radio show.

Birmingham: Chef Chris Hastings, owner of the Hot & Hot Fish Club here, recently spoke to students. Chef Hastings is known nationally as a restaurateur but also as the guy who recently beat Chef Bobby Flay in the Food Network show, "Iron Chef America."

Culinard and over 25 other food/drink vendors participated recently in the 11th annual Taste of Homewood event. Chef Antony Osborne, Dean of Culinard, brought assistants Paul Porter, Mitzi Duer-Savelis and recent grad Laura Chelette to help plate and serve a dessert that was created for the event: Cinnamon Apple Cake topped with Buttermilk Ice Cream,Salted Caramel Sauce and a Pink Apple Chip.

Courtesy of Daily photo by Jeronimo Nisa.

Birmingham grad Brenda Stout just opened a restaurant, Elizabeth G's, in Hartselle, Ala. Chef Stout said her goal is to offer simple food with lots of flavor. "I want to cook food that people would make themselves if they had the time," she said.