Jacksonville campus scores big with ASVAB tutoring student

May 18, 2012

Jacksonville campus scores big with ASVAB tutoring student
(L to R): Academic Dean Adam Haas; Campus President John Schuman; General Manager, Military Student Center, Mike Betz; Captain Tasha Dyer, U.S. Army; Instructor Gail Leonard, Sergeant First Class Gotshall, U.S. Army; Randy Pavlu, Manager of Military Education Partnerships; and Instructor Vicki Hereford.

The Jacksonville campus of Virginia College recently celebrated a major success with its ASVAB military tutoring program.

The program, designed to provide tutoring to prospective military recruits and active military personnel desiring advancement, attracted a young recruit prospect who initially scored too low to gain entrance into the military. Virginia College Instructors Gail Leonard and Vicki Hereford outlined an improvement path for the young man and the work began.

The learning program was a mix of self-teaching (technology-driven instruction/assessments and paper-based assessments) and web-based instruction. Primary focus was on math concepts and developing better test-taking skills, which involves improving both speed and accuracy.

As a result of these teaching and tutoring efforts, the student had a 900% score improvement and qualified for a $40,000 signing bonus in aviation. He recently returned to campus to thank his instructors and inform them that both the Army and Marine Corps had expressed interest in him due to his high scores.