Baton Rouge Medical Assistant students in the spotlight

Aug 8, 2013

VC Baton Rouge Medical Assistants

Virginia College in Baton Rouge's educational neighbor, Southern University and A&M College, called on a squad of Virginia College Medical Assistant students to assist for the second consecutive year with physicals for student athletes that included vital signs, visual acuity and height/weight. In return the Virginia College students got plenty of hands-on experience doing the kind of work they'll perform in the workplace.

The MA students saw approximately 175 Southern students on July 31 and will return in August to complete the remaining student athletes. They were assisted by students and faculty from other Virginia College programs.

Virginia College students participating were Candance St. Julien, Judy Dorsey, Kymra Robinson, Tabitha Brenning, Shawmaker Jackson, Pamela Favaron, Cylnthia Williams and Donte Watson.

Instructors included Gwendolyn Davis, Rosalynn Thyssen and Deanna Stephens.

VC Baton Rouge Ice Cream Social

Also in Baton Rouge: To cool off from all that work and get motivated for the school work ahead, Medical Assistant and Medical Office Administration students enjoyed a pre-midterm ice cream social. While students ate ice cream sandwiches they updated their contact information and encouraged each other about the importance of attendance. Campus President Vincent Femia came out and shared the cool treats with the students.