Virginia College in Columbus supports Department of Defense by offering official Military Entrance Exam

Sep 5, 2013

L-R: SSG McBryd, MEPS; Valerie Hill, iCAT Testing Project Manager; Major Ramey, MEPS Commander; Randy Pavlu, MSC Military Education Partnership Manager; Joseph A. Verrett, MEPS Test Control Officer; Beverly Jeffries, Columbus Campus President.

The Virginia College campus in Columbus, Ga. Has joined other ECA campuses by offering the official Military Entrance Exam. Columbus Campus President Beverly Jeffries met recently with the Atlanta MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) commander Major Euphemia Ramey and her staff to officially start the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) I-CAT testing program.

MEPS locations are primarily positioned on military bases in every state in the U.S. but are not always convenient to recruiting stations. ECA campuses assist by offering remote testing sites using a new computer testing model. This program exemplifies a team effort between the military and ECA personnel including campus presidents, academic deans, I.T. and staffers with the Military Student Center (MSC).

The program is managed by the MSC's Military Partnership Outreach group in support of ECA ground campuses.

At the time of presentation, campuses participating in this outreach platform have the opportunity to introduce candidates to their scholastic programs by providing a brief tour. In addition to Columbus, ECA schools that either offer the remote ASVAB testing, or will in the future, include Virginia College campuses in Greensboro, Huntsville, Pensacola, Augusta, Biloxi, Baton Rouge, Tulsa, Savannah, and Charleston, as well as Golf Academy of America in San Diego.

Campuses sharing in the ASVAB testing program will host approximately one thousand military candidates each year. Of that number only a small percentage passing the ASVAB test enter the military.