Virginia College administrator helps develop pre-K education plan

Oct 18, 2013

Allyn Holladay, Campus Administrator at Virginia College in Birmingham, recently worked on a small team of other civic leaders to increase pre-K education in the Birmingham area.

During 2013 Ms. Holladay has been part of Leadership Birmingham, an organization that takes its class through a yearlong, in-depth discussion of the city of Birmingham. Participants learn-and take action on-several significant areas relevant to the livelihood, vibrancy and success of a city: education, community, government, justice, economic development, quality of life and others.

Part of the Leadership Birmingham experience is participating in a small group on a project.

Ms. Holladay’s group included a church pastor, the owner of a landscape architecture firm, a lawyer, a venture capitalist, a city councilman, an industrial executive and another college administrator.

"Our children covered a wide age range, but it was easy for us to choose education as our topic,” said Ms. Holliday. "We realized that education is the key to success for a city, but decided to ask a group of education professionals: what would be a dream come true for the Birmingham School system? The answer was easy-more money and more pre-K education.

After research and "helpful guidance from a unique array of talent,” the team drafted a comprehensive plan. "The timing of or class and project just happened to coincide with a critical need and desire within the school system and community-so it took off. We had hoped for 14 grants but were extremely proud that our efforts impacted groups across the county, and, with the framework in place-we hope it will continue to be implemented and grow year to year.”

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