Culinard helps make Jacksonville high school cooking contest successful

Nov 26, 2013

Recently Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College in Jacksonville, hosted the Golden Spoon Cooking Competition for area high school students.

Pictured above, Dean Antony Osborne, center, is flanked by Golden Corral executives Sandy Choate and Rob Brittain, Culinard program directors Robert Henry from Jacksonville and Mark Bergstrom from Greenville.

The Golden Spoon Cooking Competition fills a void that is missing from the regular high school culinary program. The students have to prepare a starter, entrée and dessert from a box of ingredients within two hours. The special ingredient used was chocolate couverture. The teams are judged on safety and appearance, team organization, food production and food taste/presentation. The winning team is awarded scholarships into the Culinard program.

Chef Osborne, "The students produced some very taxing and creative dishes that surprised many of us on the level of degree of difficulty that was incorporated into their dishes. Chef Henry and his Jacksonville chefs and students did a remarkable job, which significantly contributed to the event’s success."

The next instalment of the competition will take place on the February 24, 2014 in Mobile.