Female Graduates of Golf Academy of America See Career Opportunities Growing

Nov 26, 2013

Qualified Women in High Demand in Many Golf Jobs Throughout Industry

November 25, 2013, Birmingham, Ala. - Karlene Hadley didn't have to worry about finding a golf career as her graduation from Golf Academy of America approached.

Hadley, who will finish Golf Academy of America's 16-month associate degree program in December, had attractive job offers at professional golf courses several weeks prior to graduation. In her new career, she wants to use a variety of skills ranging from instruction to club repair.

"The opportunities are everywhere," said Hadley, who worked in the insurance industry for 15 years before enrolling at Golf Academy of America's Phoenix campus.

Golf Academy of America President Jim Hart said the golf industry needs well-qualified female job candidates.

 "We receive many inquiries from employers about our female students," Hart said. "Our female students have many opportunities."

Lauren Tallman, a 2011 Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach graduate, is beginning her golf career as a PGA apprentice at clubs in New York and Florida. Her five-year goal is to become a director of golf.

"I had a great experience at Golf Academy of America," Tallman said. "It prepares you for what's out there in the workplace."

Golf jobs vary. Miriam Piland-Rice, a student at Golf Academy of America in Orlando, serves as Director of Special Needs Programming for the Little Linksters junior golf program. She teaches children skills they can use within their everyday lives.

Julie Fenn, a 2010 graduate of Golf Academy of America's Phoenix campus, has a golf career as the executive director of the 11,000-member Northern California Women's Golf Association.

"I'm very happy where I am -- the right opportunity fell into my lap," said the former engineer.  "As a woman, once you're in the door it's all about what you do, how you perform."

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