Virginia College news from Savannah, Macon and Charleston

Nov 27, 2013

Students from the Therapeutic Massage program at Virginia College in Savannah have been actively serving the community lately. One example: providing massage therapy at a health and awareness day for employees of WJCL-TV.

Above, left to right: Rosemary Hagan, Amber Jackson-Mardones, Maria Perez, Anna Garcia, Tammy Pack, James Hagan, Christina Thompson, Tionna Phillips and Melanie Mydell.

A team of 21 students from this program also donated free massage services to runners recently at the annual Rock ‘n Roll Marathon. With 18,000 runners scheduled and almost 50,000 people in the park, a waiting line quickly formed.

The students were driven by a challenge from program director Nathan Nordstrom, who said, "If you give 250 massages at this event, I will run in next year’s marathon."

The students worked on athletes outside the main medical tent, inside the medical tent working with the doctors, on the marathon route and in the crowd at the end of the event. The final count of complementary, 10-minute massages for the day: over 360.

Congratulations to the Therapeutic Massage team, and to Mr. Nordstrom: good luck in training for next year’s marathon.

The Macon Cosmetology students recently showed off some of their hair creations in the school lobby with an UpDo Hair Display.

Finally, in Charleston: Cosmetology students graced the pages of the Charleston Post and Courier for participating in the annual Stand Down Against Homelessness event. Sponsored by Johnson VA Medical Center and Goodwill Industries, the event served an estimated 1000 homeless and near homeless persons with flu shots, dental and medical screenings, clothing, food, and, of course, haircuts provided by the Cosmetology students.