Chattanooga Culinard students learn complex desserts

Jan 21, 2014

Chattanooga Culinard students learn complex desserts

Chef Jeanne Mancuso, Pastry Arts chef instructor at Culinard, The Culinary Institute of Virginia College School of Business and Health in Chattanooga TN, began the first week of second semester pastry classes by teaching his students to make a challenging dessert: croquembouche. The specialty item is popular in France and Italy for weddings, baptisms and first holy communions.

The dessert consists of profiteroles (choux pastry balls) filled with vanilla flavored pastry cream. These are piled into a cone and held together with threads of caramel. After researching the historical and cultural context of the dessert, each student presented a sketch of his or her croquembouche–and the photo above shows the final results.

Chef Antony Osborne, Dean of Culinard, said, "This was an excellent accomplishment given this was the first time these students have made such a challenging piece. They all did an excellent job. This just goes to show the depth of talent that we have coming out of our Culinard programs."