Military visits test site at Macon campus

Feb 25, 2014

As one of the 12 campuses partnering with the military by offering the official Military Entrance exam, Virginia College in Macon was recently visited by the Commander of the Atlanta MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and its Test Control Officer to thank the campus president for supporting the testing program.

Campuses offering the Military Entrance Exam will host approximately 1,000 military candidates per year. The Macon campus also offers local soldiers and military candidates free ASVAB Tutoring. This service helps raise scores on the ASVAB, which could lead to soldiers becoming eligible for promotions and candidates becoming eligible to join the Armed Forces.

Campuses currently hosting the Military Entrance exam are located in: Macon Ga., Columbus Ga., Augusta Ga., Huntsville Ala., Pensacola Fla., Savannah Ga., Greensboro, N.C., Charleston, S.C., Tulsa Okla., San Diego, Cal., Biloxi Miss. and Baton Rouge La.

Military visits test site at Macon campus Top Photo L to R: Campus President James Sutton, MEPS Commander Major Euphemia Ramey, Test Control Officer Joseph A. Verrett, and Mgr. Military Ed Partnerships Randy Pavlu
Bottom Photo L to R: Verrett, Ramey and Sutton discuss the Military Entrance Testing on the Macon campus