Chattanooga Pharm Tech Student Training Pays Off in Job Offers

Oct 3, 2014

Pharmacy Technician students at the Chattanooga campus are reaping the rewards of being able to be certified through Critical Point’s Sterile Compounding Modules. The modules help teach the fundamentals of USP (U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention) guidelines for sterile practices in addition to making the student more familiar with Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Compounding.

"We have seen many benefits in offering this training to our students..." notes Ms. Cate Green, PD for the Chattanooga Pharmacy Tech program. "Because of the Critical Point training, our students have a broader knowledge of sterile compounding coupled with and enhanced by hands-on activities in the classroom."

Jacquelyn Siddon preparing an IV.

Consequently Chattanooga's Pharmacy Tech students have greater confidence when on externships with compounding and hospital facilities where these skills are used on a daily basis.

In the Summer 2014 quarter, three of our externs in pharmacy were hired directly into compounding; one as a compounding specialist at an independent pharmacy and two as sterile compounders at Erlanger Children’s Hospital. These sites typically do not hire directly into compounding positions until at least two years of working experience is evident on a candidate’s resume. The Critical Point program greatly enhances the PHM 1270 class and is reflected in our job placements.

Dr. John Barry Jacobs, DPH who is a retired Pharmacists and also an instructor at the Chattanooga campus. Dr. Jacobs stated that "...Critical Point's Sterile Compounding Modules provides accredited continuing education and provides training from a different, yet confirming viewpoint to the live instruction and textbook material."

Pharmacy Technician Program Director, Cate Green