Virginia College News from Augusta, Huntsville and Baton Rouge

Oct 3, 2014

Recently, Virginia College in Augusta graduate Forest Middlebrook found a career position in his field by putting more than his new Medical Billing and Coding skills to use.

Middlebrook is a U.S. Army veteran with five Commendation Medals, seven Achievement Medals, a Wartime Service Ribbon and a Bronze Star. He began his Medical Billing and Coding externship at New Beginnings Medical Services early last year and quickly found himself volunteering to help set up the new business. He put up shelves, did electrical work, arranged file cabinets and assisted in getting the medical office within compliance. He continued to volunteer past graduation and was recently hired by the employer as a Claims Verification Specialist.

Congratulations to Forest and to his new employer!


The Huntsville campus chose to honor our veteran students with a recent Constitution Day breakfast. Campus President and Vietnam vet Jim Foster, Dean Michael Brown and Student Services Coordinator Tammy Gilliam coordinated a great event that recognized the contributions our veteran students have made.

Mike Betz (GM Military Student Initiatives), Beth Ferguson (Military Student Services Coordinator) and Jim Wesser (Redstone Armory Education Services Specialist) spoke on future legislative efforts for veteran students, mental health issues and education benefits. Even the campus security guard encouraged the younger war veterans with wisdom from his experience as a WWII soldier.

Students and staff in Baton Rouge recently enjoyed Share a Coke Day.