New England College of Business Wins National Award

Nov 25, 2014

Naomi Pariseault holding the Award for Creative Use of Technology.


Above, New England College of Business staffer Naomi Pariseault holds the Creative Use of Technology Award, which was presented to the College recently by the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE).

Ms. Pariseault, an e-Learning Instructional Technologist, was the right person to attend the awards banquet on behalf of the College; she designed and developed the online textbook center the award recognizes, in collaboration with her New England College of Business colleagues. The textbook center is a “one-stop shop” for students to select, purchase and use e-books, printed books and other class resources such as adaptive learning tools (Pearson MyWritingLab and McGraw-Hill Connect are two examples).

“It’s amazing to be recognized on a national level, and by an organization that recognizes advancements in adult learning, since the average age of our students is 35,” said Ms. Pariseault. “My colleagues and I saw a need and found a solution to it. It was great collaborating with colleagues from the Student Services and Academics departments.”

Students at New England College of Business have taken notice of the innovation. “It’s so rewarding to hear from students with positive feedback,” she continues. “They are able to access what they need more quickly so they can focus on the course and not worry about the technology. It just makes things easier for our students.”

The award from the Association for Continuing Higher Education was one of three national awards presented to New England College of Business during 2014. The college also won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Silver award for excellence in the Best Learning Team category as well as the Gold Award for Best Practices from the U.S. Distance Learning Association.