Virginia College Instructors Honored with Excellence in Teaching Awards

Dec 29, 2014

The Virginia College Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes and rewards instructors who have demonstrated innovation and excellence in teaching. The award is open to any nominated Program Director or full-time, part-time or adjunct instructor.

Campus-level winners from 2014 are:

Mr. James Price

James Price is a Full-Time Variable Instructor who teaches Administrative Office Management courses for Virginia College in Augusta. When new Microsoft applications become available, he is the first to become certified. Price then coaches his fellow instructors to prepare them for certification. Both the students and the faculty of Virginia College in Augusta voted him "Instructor of the Year" for 2014.

Dr. Bryant C. Cline, DC, MS, BS, CCMA

Bryant C. Cline, DC, MS, BS, CCMA, is the Academic Coordinator and an Instructor at Virginia College in Birmingham. He teaches in the Medical Assistant and Medical Office Administration Programs. Dr. Cline finds innovative methods to engage students, focusing on takeaways with practical applications for a work setting. His thorough preparation and demonstrations result in a high retention of knowledge.

Dr. Julius Oyekan

Dr. Julius Oyekan has been an instructor in the Medical Assistant program at Virginia College in Florence since the campus first opened. He is known for his participation in school events, including the carnival dunking booth, VC Spirit and Pride Day and various other dress up days. Oyekan’s encouraging attitude and listening ear have played a large role in student retention.

Chef Victor Singleton

Chef Victor Singleton is an instructor at Culinard, The Culinary Institute of Virginia College in Greenville. He is a mentor to new instructors and students alike, always looking for a "teachable moment." Chef Singleton shows incredible patience with students as they learn their craft, truly listening to their needs.

Dr. Kris Koehne

Whether it’s 8 a.m. or 8 p.m., Dr. Kris Koehne teaches his Virginia College in Knoxville students with the same contagious enthusiasm. His peers said this quote describes his teaching style well: "An instructor never stands as tall as he bends to help a struggling student."

Dr. Koehne’s entry recently won a campus-wide competition to name the Virginia College in Knoxville mascot. The school is now known as the "VC Vipers."

Ms. Jessica Woods

Jessica Woods teaches Medical Law and Ethics as well as Learning Frameworks classes at Virginia College in Montgomery. She works extremely hard, demanding that no student gets left behind. Woods creates a welcoming environment for her students, and her creativity is endless. From courtroom reality sessions to campus scavenger hunts, she is thinks "outside-the-box" to keep her classroom engaged.

Chef Gregory Malley

Gregory Malley, a Culinary Instructor at Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College in Savannah, is a master communicator. Chef Malley makes his students comfortable in the kitchen and the classroom, encouraging them to ask questions. He is well-versed in culinary industry practices and shows the students more than one way to get the job done. Chef Malley instills confidence in students by holding each of them to a high standard.