News from Columbia’s Virginia College campus

Mar 25, 2015

News from Columbia's Virginia College campus

Congratulations to Nick Foong, Campus President at Virginia College in Columbia, who was recently given the annual Outstanding Member award by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) at its symposium. Nick serves as one of 31 board members for the organization, serving at the pleasure of South Carolina's governor. You can read a short article in The State.(pdf)

Above, he is flanked by Patrick Michaels, CEO of Goodwill Industries of the Midlands and Upstate and Cheryl Stanton, Executive Director of SCDEW.

News from Columbia's Virginia College campus

Career Services, Academics and a community nonprofit, YNOTU2, recently hosted "Life Beyond the Classroom" at Virginia College to help students and graduates with stained backgrounds.

Dwiyana Owens, Market Development Manager, explains what led to the event.

"Founders of YNOTU2, Kimani Davis and Pam Butler, knew hip-hop artists The LOX and asked them to share their story with our students and the surrounding community.  They also asked other local organizations to share their knowledge, resulting in a panel of 12 guests from the community. Each brought something unique to the table—from life-learned lessons and success stories to suggestions on what steps to take when applying for expungement and pardons. The guests also suggested resources in the community to keep our youth out of trouble and in positive activities. 

This event allowed our students and community members to stand up and share their stories about mistakes they've made, fears about what their future will hold and hopes for making a better life for themselves and their families.  Not only did this forum impact individual lives, but it also brought more organizations together in partnership to serve similar causes.  It certainly shed a positive light on our campus."

News from Columbia's Virginia College campus

Market Development Manager Dwiyana Owens recently hosted a Meet and Greet Networking Breakfast on campus, sponsored by Blue Choice Medicaid (she appears far right in the photo above, flanking the Blue Choice group with Campus President Nick Foong on the far left). A number of community employers were represented and Ms. Owens made a presentation.

"This event was focused on community partnerships," Ms. Owens explained. "I talked about how we have sent our Medical Assistants out to conduct BP screenings, cholesterol screenings and BMI checks for other community events, referenced the upcoming event for which we are partnering with Blue Choice (Re-Pack the Backpack) and how our Cosmetology, Medical Assistant, Surgical Technology and Pharmacy Technician students will be helping for this event. I talked about my role at the college and why it is important to partner with them for job and externship opportunities for our graduates. I invited them to reach out to us for any events they may be interested in partnering with us on and hosting on campus."

After the event, a number of employers and agencies inquired about partnership arrangements that would benefit students, employers and the College.